De Gea: “Beating the best to succeed” |  Manchester United

De Gea: “Beating the best to succeed” | Manchester United

“We know Barcelona are a great team, I think they are playing well,” De Gea told us.

“If you want to win the Europa League you have to play against the best teams and Barcelona are [l’une d’entre elles]”.

“It’s one for the fans and we’ll do our best to win both games.”

FC Barcelona are one of eight teams that find themselves in the Europa League, with a loss to Internazionale in Italy ultimately shattering their hopes of making it out of Group C of the Champions League.

Despite the quality of teams entering the competition from the Champions League, the last four editions of the Europa League have been won by teams starting the season in the tournament, a trend De Gea hopes to continue.

“Yes, I think so [c’est un bon test]. There’s still plenty of time [avant de devoir] play the Europa League matches, so we have to focus on the rest of the matches [d’ici là].”

“Of course, playing against the top teams is always a challenge, so we have to be very ready to play against Barcelona and to play against any team we have to face.”