Death of a French tourist attacked in Morocco

Death of a French tourist attacked in Morocco

A French tourist died after being attacked, like her husband, by an “unbalanced” near Rabat, said the director of the hospital where the two victims had been transferred during the night from Monday to Tuesday.

This octogenarian woman “succumbed from a head trauma. Her husband, also in his eighties, is in stable condition. He arrived conscious at the hospital,” doctor Le├»la Derfoufi told AFP.

No reason was provided for this attack which occurs 48 hours before the semi-final of the World Cup-2022 between Morocco and France.

“It’s about a couple. The woman, born in 1940, unfortunately died. She arrived already dead at the hospital. We are very disappointed not to have been able to save her”, regretted the director of the Moulay Youssel Hospital in Rabat.

According to local authorities, the couple had been seriously injured after being attacked with stones by an “unbalanced” man on Monday in Moulay Bousselham, in the province of Kenitra, near Rabat.

An individual showing “signs of mental imbalance” was arrested and taken into custody by the local gendarmerie, authorities added.

According to initial information, the man “attacked the two tourists for no apparent reason using stones, causing them injuries of various severity”, added the same source, without further details.

An investigation is underway under the supervision of the prosecution.

The French are by far the most numerous foreign tourists to visit Morocco.

On January 15, a 79-year-old French tourist was stabbed to death in a market in Tiznit, near Agadir, in southern Morocco.

The Moroccan justice had ruled out the terrorist track, concluding that the murderer was not criminally responsible because of “mental disorders” and ordering his internment in a psychiatric hospital.