Deezer unveils your music recap for 2022

the MyDeezerYear 2022 is available with Deezer which offers you your musical summary for the year. This is the case every year and the 2022 edition is now available.

Availability of MyDeezerYear 2022

In this personalized annual report, users find information on their most listened to titles, the hours they listened to and their favorite artists. In 2022, they have access to fun new statistics like their musical mood illustrating the year, their favorite musical decade or even discover… their musical soul mate.

Here’s what’s new for MyDeezerYear this year:

  • Musical soulmate – find out which of their friends users share the same musical tastes with
  • Musical Mood – users find out which Mood Flow they listened to the most
  • Musical nationality – it is possible to acquire a new musical nationality from your favorite artists
  • Genre streamed more than average – find out which genre the user streamed more than others during the year
  • Discoveries – users find their listening time on Flow and the number of associated discoveries
  • The poster of the year – Users will find an illustration of their musical year

Also, Deezer announces to offer concert tickets. This year, MyDeezerYear offers a golden ticket at the end of the experience to reward users who have spent hours or days listening to their favorite artist. About twenty lucky winners, in each of Deezer’s biggest markets (France, Brazil and Germany), will be invited, with the person of their choice, to attend the concert of one of their favorite artist.

10 artists have been chosen for Deezer France: Stromae, Juliette Armanet, Pomme, Clara Luciani, YUNGBLUD, SCH, Tiakola, Gazo, Lomepal and Mylène Farmer. Users from Lyon, Paris, Montpellier, Lille, Marseille, Avignon, Dijon will have the chance to see one of these artists in concert soon.