demonstrators protest against France and the appointment of certain ministers

AA/Ouagadougou/ Dramane Traoré

Hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets of Ouagadougou and Bobo-Dioulasso (West) to demand the breaking of cooperation with France and to reject the appointment of certain ministers within the new government, in particular that in charge of trade, Roch Donatien Nagalo.

In Ouagadougou, armed with Burkinabè and Russian flags, the demonstrators, some of whom were traveling on motorbikes, did not have access to the Place de la Nation and dispersed, some towards the municipal stadium and others towards the main market. from Ouagadougou.

They wanted to force some traders to close their shops at the big market, without success.

“No to all colonial agreements”, “the French army clears” were among other messages that could be read on certain signs of the demonstrators who stopped at the United Nations roundabout, disrupting traffic.

Then they headed for the Primature, not far from the French Embassy in Burkina Faso.

“I am a small trader. I came out to say no to the appointment of Donatien Nagalo to the post of Minister of Commerce”, explained Ibrahim Sawadogo who accuses the Minister of “embezzlement of money”.

“Captain Ibrahim (Traoré) must surround himself with good people to make this transition a success,” said another protester in the crowd, adding that he also resented the reappointment of five ministers from the former government.

Voices were also raised on social networks against the Minister of Town Planning, Land Affairs and Housing, Yacouba Dié accused of having poorly executed a project before entering the government.

In Bobo-Dioulasso, the economic capital located in the West, hundreds of people were also in the streets, according to local media for the same reasons. The demonstrators forced several people to close their businesses, according to witnesses reached by telephone by Anadolu Agency.

Government spokesman Jean-Emmanuel Ouédraogo said on Monday that “investigative inquiries are underway on the incriminated personalities” and called on the people to calm down.

On Wednesday, the Prime Minister of the transition, Apollinaire Joachimson Kyelem de Tambela, described as a government of “combat” against terrorism, the team of 23 ministers he had formed on Tuesday to lead government action during the 21 months of transition.

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