Departures for the All Saints weekend: here are some tools to easily find fuel

Are you getting ready to hit the road this All Saints weekend? Here are several online tools to inform you in real time about the availability of fuels in service stations, on highways or near you. In the middle of the week, one in five stations were still experiencing supply difficulties across France. The situation remains tense in Ile-de-France and Auvergne Rhône-Alpes.

According to figures published by the government, 18.8% of service stations were still out of diesel, gasoline or both fuels at the same time, Wednesday, October 26.

These difficulties are mainly concentrated on gasoline since 80% of these service stations in difficulty were out of unleaded (SP98, SP95 and E10).

Interactive maps

To help you, the government has put online an interactive map allowing consumers to search for a point of sale by type of fuel, brands, departments and municipality. The map shows all available stations.

Website also indicates in real time the stations in a situation of partial or total shortage. Users share information.

The station map operated by TotalEnergies allows you to have the additional discount of 20 cents. The prices and availability of the different fuels are visible.

Mobile apps

There are also mobile apps, like Wazewhich provides information and updates on the prices and availability of the various gas stations.

Other applications exist, such as Diesel Now, gaspal or Petrol & Cowhich also provides information on fuel supplies and prices at petrol stations, with regular updates.

Good road.

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