Despite Apple’s protections, an AirTag can still “spy” on you

Did you know ? AirTags, small connected beacons from Apple to geolocate your objects, have a feature that alerts you if someone is using them to monitor you. In short, this calls in particular on your Bluetooth to identify surrounding devices and detect patterns resembling typical suspicious behavior. So far, this is a real plus not only for privacy, but also for security.

Except that it happens that, in some cases, even this virtual barrier is not enough (for example if the Airplane mode is activated). This is what happened to an American from the San Francisco Bay Area, who saw her ex-boyfriend follow his every move thanks to an AirTag. The event was so traumatic for the victim that she decided to take legal action to try to obtain compensation. The court’s decision has not yet fallen for the moment, but Apple risks being condemned.

Double charge

The file also attaches the declarations of a second plaintiff, this time “spied on” by her husband. The man had placed an AirTag in his daughter’s bag, before it was spotted by her mother. Bloomberg, which reports this news, is not the only major media outlet to be concerned about this type of incident. Indeed, since the debut of Cupertino’s circular accessories on the market, similar mishaps have already made headlines all around the globe.

However, let’s not forget to remember that despite everything, AirTags most often remain praised for their efficiency in terms of safety. It is thus thanks to such devices that consumers have been able to find their property after a theft: we remember in particular scooters, vehicles or even wallets saved in this way.

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AirTags aren’t the only Apple devices capable of providing geolocation data to their owners. Other compatible products, all more expensive, include iPads, iPhones, MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs and the second generation AirPods Pro.

To identify a position in real time, it is necessary to go through a native-app with a very evocative name: Locate.

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