Diablo Immortal – Patch 1.6: Diablo Immortal’s first major update will be released on September 28

This September 28, Diablo Immortal must be enriched with a first major content update. In particular, it promises a new dungeon, a new boss and an overhaul of the war troop system.

It is an understatement to say that the launch of Diablo Immortal was controversial, in particular because of the economic model of the game. The title nevertheless has its share of players and Blizzard performs regular updates. The first significant content addition will nevertheless be deployed on September 28 (in Europe), with both a new dungeon (the Silent Monastery) which continues the main quest or an overhaul of the warband system criticized by players.

In bulk, the dungeon of silent monastery will lead players into darkness: players will have to regularly find and turn on sources of light, so as to weaken and repel the spawn that infests the place. In addition, according to recent leaks, the update also includes the fifth boss of the Infernal Reliquary from Diablo Immortal, Izilech the Deformed – it will be accessible from October 2, for players with the level necessary to face it.

We may also remember the overhaul of the system of combat troops. Many players were critical of having to have eight players in one combat troop to venture into reliquary raids. From now on, the threshold will be lowered: with only four members of a combat troop, the raid will be able to be completed by players from other backgrounds and completing the raid thus will allow the troop members to obtain the rewards of warbands – and the rewards will also be more generous when a raid is completed for the first time.
Additionally, the update removes warband camps and replaces them with a combat troop headquarters system in the ancient fortress of Castle Cyrangar. This new headquarters will serve as a framework for specific content, such as the Deep Purge allowing troop members to unlock more power and relics to place in troop rooms for bonuses. A war troop can also repel waves of enemies during the Defense of Cyrangar, again to unlock rewards. According to the developer, these events will be as many possibilities to obtain ancestral weapons granting part of their attributes to the members of the troop.

The update should also be the occasion to launch Season 5 of the Battlepass of Diablo Immortal, the season of the “Children of the Storm”, with its share of rewards (including cosmetics). The patch note detail is posted at the official website.


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