Discord is officially available on Xbox consoles

Already available for trial for a few months for certain users, Discord makes its official debut on Xbox consoles.

After a few weeks of testing with a small section of users, Discord is deployed to the greatest number on XboxOne, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Overview of the announced features.

An application necessarily more limited than on computer

The absence of a keyboard on game consoles already tells us about the functional limits of Discord on Xbox. Very concretely, the application makes it possible to join voice rooms only, and this on all the servers associated with the user account.

The application is housed in the side panel, accessible through the Guide button on the Xbox controller. With this component, we get a quick overview of online friends, and can easily join them in a voice room.

But first of all, you will obviously have to link your Discord account to your console. To do this, everything goes through the smartphone application. The process is detailed here, in French. Note also that it is not possible to join a voice channel directly from the console. You have to transfer the conversation from your smartphone to the Xbox.

Sony lags behind

This integration is certainly not the most practical there is, but it has the merit of existing. This is not the case on the side of the PlayStation 5, which had however announced more than a year ago the arrival of Discord among console applications.

Launched in 2015, Discord is a particularly popular exchange platform for gamers. It allows you to create servers for free, and organize them into different text or voice chat rooms.

At last count, Discord had some 300 registered users. Like many companies in the online communication sector, it largely benefited from the successive isolations of the population in 2020 and 2021, during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. It is now valued at $15 billion.

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