Discover iOS 16 and macOS Ventura with our pre-order books

It’s back to school! The little ones go back to school, the big ones go back to work, and the geek return heaven and earth in search of the slightest information on the next iPhone and the next Apple Watch. And U.S ? Well we took advantage of the summer to do our homework, and to prepare a new edition of our reference works, What’s new in iOS 16 and macOS Ventura Guide.

Like every year for ten years now, Nicolas takes you to discover all the new features for the iPhone, starting with the customization of the locked screen. Sharing the photo library, scheduling and unsending emails, the new interface of the Home application, or even Live text in videos, are some of the many detailed functions from every angle. in What’s new in iOS 16.

But this year is like no other, because iPadOS is still largely under construction, the fault of Stage Manager. This function, which promises to revolutionize the management of windows and screens, has tested the patience of Nicolas, who has nevertheless written a few books on (and since) the iPad! This assures you of precise explanations of the possibilities and limitations of Stage Manager. You can pre-order What’s new in iOS 16 at the promotional price of €7.99.

Anthony picks up his pilgrim’s staff to go around all the functions of macOS and distinguish the new features brought by macOS Ventura. And we start from the beginning, since Stage Manager changes an aspect as fundamental as window management, and imposes itself as a kind of “permanent Mission Control”. The replacement of System Preferences, present since the first version of Mac OS X, by System Settings, inspired by iOS Settings, is no less important.

Siri and Spotlight are adopting a new interface, like Home, Weather and Clock are finally appearing on our large screens, to which we can now attach an iPhone to make it a webcam. The sharing of the photo library, the finalization of groups of tabs in Safari, or the continuous improvement of Notes and Reminders, show that the development of macOS is far from over. You can pre-order macOS Ventura Guide at the promotional price of €7.99.

Do you have an iPhone, an iPad, and a Mac? With our packyou can buy our two books for only €12.49. These discounted prices are only valid during pre-order, so hurry! What’s new in iOS 16 will ship alongside iOS 16, and will receive a major update with the release of iPadOS 16. macOS Ventura Guide will be delivered just before the release of macOS Ventura.


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