Discover the infiltration in A Plague Tale: Requiem with a new trailer | Xbox One

It is in almost a month that we will be able to find A Plague Tale: Requiem on our consoles and PC. Until then, Focus Entertainment continues to promote the game which should take up the codes that made the success of the first opus. Today, the publisher is sharing two new short videos, one of which focuses on the game’s infiltration options.

You will have to learn to use the environment

Various possibilities of stealth and infiltration are put forward. You can explode a fire to blind the enemy or use a magnifying glass and sunlight to ignite vegetation and distract the soldiers who are looking for you.

More classic, it will be necessary to chain the movements, to drop lower, to sneak through a window or to hide under a table to be able to progress in the levels and survive in a south of France hostile to the heroes of the game. But beware, if the soldiers will let themselves be fooled by these maneuvers, it will not necessarily be the case for the rats.

In a second video, Focus Entertainment invites you to discover the work of the artists who produced the concept arts that served as the basis for the development of the game. All this work done by hand by the creators of Asobo will then have been modeled to give life to the sets of this second opus. Images that allow you to get an idea of ​​all the work that the creation of a video game can represent.

As a reminder, A Plague Tale: Requiem will be released on October 18 on Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch (via the cloud) and PC. It will be available on launch day in Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, and through Xbox Cloud Gaming.

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