Discover the new iSpring Suite 11: what it is and how to use it

Excellent news ! In September, we’ll be releasing a new version of our creative toolkit: iSpring Suite 11. Join our free webinar and be the first to learn about the amazing new features iSpring has in store for you.

3 signs you’re falling in love

– You start by noticing the small details

iSpring Suite 11 lets you create branded learning experiences with a host of new personalization features. Incorporate your brand’s color scheme into your course design. Create a unique style for each of your clients. The possibilities are limitless.

– You are full of creative ideas

Engage learners by incorporating unique designs of characters and locations created in-house by our incredibly talented designers. They are so endearing and charming, we are sure your learners will find them irresistible.

– You want to move very quickly – or slowly

Let learners study at their own pace. Learners who are ready to skim through new information quickly can choose to double the player speed and view all of your content twice as fast. And those who need a bit more time can go at a slower pace.

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