DNG Model JZD, the other return of DeLorean in electric?

A few months after the DeLorean Alpha 5, another brand revival project came out of the shadows, under the acronym DNG: DeLorean New Generation. This one is led by the daughter of John DeLorean.

The new DeLorean Motor Company, which introduced the last spring the Alpha 5, may have the rights to the name, it does not necessarily seem to have the consent of the family of John DeLorean. Led by the daughter of the brand’s creator, Kat DeLorean, another brand comes to claim the heritage of the DMC-12, with a little adaptation. From the name, we keep the D, we exchange the M for an N and the C is transformed into G. This is DNGfor DeLorean New Generation.

Kat DeLorean insists that the DMC name was initially transferred to a company specializing in the restoration and spare parts of DMC-12, and whose initial project was to convert a handful of original vehicles to electric .

A drawing very close between the two projects

In order to reinforce the claims on the history of the brand, the car presented responds to the name of Model JZD. For John Zachary DeLorean. We can probably regret that it is part of the same inspiration as the Alpha5, with tapered shapes that do not owe much to the original model. The DNG version is nevertheless a little more faithful to the original with its 2 seats, its continuous body line, now underlined with light, its “pixelated” rear lights and its louvers.

We’re content for the moment with pretty digital renderings, but DNG intends to move to the physical stage from the beginning of next year. And we cannot accuse DNG of having copied DMC. The first drawings of the vehicle have actually been published almost two years ago by Angel Guerra. Since the first versions of 2020, the design has evolved to make the exhausts disappear.

Which brings us to motorization. For the time being, nothing really indicates that this Model JZD is electric, especially since the presentation video clearly suggests a cavernous engine noise. The choice therefore does not seem completely fixed, even if the electric seems privileged, even dictated by the inscription of the brand in the present, not to mention the future. Let’s add that with its 130 hp V6 PRV, no matter what the film may suggest Back to the futurethe DMC-12 has never been known for its mechanics or its performance…

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