Docaposte offers itself Easy-Consent, a medical consent management software

Docaposte, the digital subsidiary of the La Poste group, continues its shopping in the health sector with the same objective: to support patients and professionals in a smooth journey. It thus bought the “Easy-Consent” software developed by Calimed Santé. This Marseille-based company publishes software for surgeons, specialist doctors and city doctors (appointment management, etc.). The amount of the acquisition is not known.

This acquisition will make it possible to accelerate the development of the dematerialization of medical consent in order to return ‘care time’ to the hospital, to improve patient pathways and to meet the need for compliance of healthcare establishments. with the legal framework concerning the use of health data“, said Carla Gomes, director of the health market of Docaposte.

Provide proof of understanding

Indeed, Easy-Consent is a SaaS solution that provides proof of the patient’s good understanding of the various challenges of his care as well as providing him with simplified and customizable information. In practice, the software makes it possible to propose models of consent which will be attributed to patients by doctors at the end of their consultations.

The patient connects to Easy-Consent using an identifier provided during the consultation and the password received by SMS. He then answers a series of questions written according to his pathology and his operation thanks to an automatic learning system (understanding of the pathology, protocol and operative technique, postoperative course, benefit/risk ratio). In case of misunderstanding, the item is reformulated with popularized and illustrated scientific content. If the patient consents, he signs.

Increased legal protection for doctors

This information is compiled and stored in order to constitute proof of so-called “free and informed” consent for health establishments and doctors. Thus, Easy-Consent is also a way of offering legal protection to practitioners thanks to better information and a signature with probative value.

For Docaposte, this is a new acquisition in the health sector. Its parent company bought last week happytal, a start-up that allows patients to make their pre-admission or request for a single room online. It also offers a private concierge service. In 2020, Docaposte got its hands on Inadvans which specializes in the design of digital services for health professions where regulatory requirements are high. In 2022, it is the design office specializing in the management of health data heva who came into his lap.

The subsidiary of the French group has actually been present in the health sector for many years. He became the host of pharmaceutical recordsa digital tool made available to pharmacists and doctors which lists all the drugs dispensed over the past four months.

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