Dragon Age Dreadwolf presents the story of Solas for Dragon Age Day | XboxOne

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf resurfaced the day before yesterday on the occasion of Dragon Age Day and BioWare presented a new trailer for the next opus. Development is progressing well if we go by the new data by the studio but no release range has been shared so far.

An extract centered on Solas, the antagonist of Dreadwolf

The cinematic presented for Dragon Age Day focuses on Solas the companion of the Inquisitor in Dragon Age: Inquisition who ultimately reveals himself as the major antagonist. We hear the dwarf Varric Tethras tell us the story of the one called Fen’harel or the relentless wolf.

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf (Le Loup implacable for the French version) will surely plunge us into a long quest to prevent Solas from carrying out his dark designs. It’s a safe bet that Varric Tethras will be our sidekick in this adventure.

Featured at The Game Awards 2020, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf could perhaps reveal a little more this Thursday on the occasion of the 2022 ceremony. EA and BioWare also took advantage of Dragon Age Day to present the four posters of the Netflix series Dragon Age: Absolution with various major characters from the franchise featured: Miriam, Hira, Lacklon, Fairbanks, Roland and even Tassia.

Dragon Age Dreadwolf does not yet have a release date and it is planned for Xbox Series X|S, PS5 and PC.

Elvish god of lies or heroic rebel against tyranny? It depends on who you ask.

Happy #DragonAgeDay! We start the day with an in-game cinematic of #Dreadwolf!