Dragon Quest unveils its new game and it will surprise you

Dragon Quest unveils its new game and it will surprise you

The release of a new Dragon Quest is always an event, but this one may disappoint more than one fan of the franchise…

Since the release of Dragon Quest XI: Destiny Fighters in 2017 and already reissued many times, JRPG aficionados are eagerly awaiting a new episode. The spin-off Dragon Quest Builders 2 released in 2019 proved very compelling, but it’s time for a new classic title. In 2021, Square Enix created a surprise by revealing the title of the next main episode. It will therefore be Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate (hear “The Flames of Destiny“), currently in development for PlayStation 4 and 5.

After this enigmatic announcement, the game has not given any news. However, now the official YouTube channel of DragonQuest is hosting an announcement live in Japan! Unfortunately, the good news quickly fell like a failed soufflé since it is a mobile spin-off. Still no episode XII in sight, but we must not ignore the youngest. Dragon Quest Champions of its small name turns out to be rather ambitious and could well convince more than one fan to lend itself to it.

A fully-fledged RPG

These days, mobile games should no longer be underestimated. Now that smartphones are getting more and more powerful, real full-featured games are hitting app stores. The era of small-scale spin-offs is over. Developed in collaboration with Tecmo Koei, this new DragonQuest has everything to please. The graphics are simple but worked, the fights look dynamic and above all: the title offers a fully scripted solo adventure coupled with an online multiplayer mode.

It is therefore a more than complete experience that promises this mobile game. Online, the cult franchise takes on the air of a battle royale as 50 players compete to slay the most monsters in the shortest amount of time and be crowned champion. The first tests will take place very soon in Japan. The release date has still not been announced, but it should be soon if the previews are conclusive.

Unsurprisingly, there is not even mention of a Western release. The title will first have to prove itself in the Land of the Rising Sun to hope to be released in our green regions. After battle royale failure Final Fantasy VII, it’s time for Square Enix to return to smartphones with a single-player game. To be continued…