Dual Universe – Dual Universe sketches its 1.1 and 1.2 updates

Dual Universe launched a month ago, and developer Novaquark is sketching out the first two updates to the MMORPG: a component recycling system and in-game tactical map mechanics.

We know the adage: the launch of an MMORNG is not the end of its development, it is the beginning of its exploitation. In other words, the hardest part begins with the release of a massively multiplayer game since it will be necessary to bring a world to life and retain players. On the strength of this maxim, it is customary to deploy a first update at the end of the first month of operation (especially for MMOs with a monthly subscription), in order to renew the gaming experience and supply players with content. unpublished.

Dual Universe was officially launched at the end of September and over the past month, the studio Novaquark has endeavored to deploy a series of corrective patches aimed at correcting the malfunctions identified since the release. What about upcoming updates? The developer publishes a brief note on the official site referring to updates 1.1, then 1.2.

Update 1.1 is announced for next December and will be an opportunity to deploy skins and emotes, in addition to some “quality of life” features: a system making it easier to align construction elements in the universe game, a system for dismantling and recycling certain components (a feature that players have been waiting for), and eight new talents related to the creation of schematics and support for Steam achievements.
Update 1.2 promises to be a little more extensive, notably including a tactical map system aimed at detecting and displaying surrounding constructions via the radar system (which will be the subject of a “minor overhaul”). The developer adds to it new tools for finding wreckage and an improved deep space asteroid tracker and the ability for repair units to use scrap metal. At this stage, no deployment date has been announced for this version 1.2.

As we know, Dual Universe is a MMORPGs resolutely sand boxof which the gameplay and attraction are essentially based on the interactions that the players develop between them. Adding content is therefore probably not the main concern of the development team, but the loyalty of players is certainly decisive. Currently, SteamDB reports a few hundred players connected daily. The figure is obviously misleading insofar as most of the players probably connect via the official site, but we remember that the Novaquark teams mentioned the integration of complex mechanics based on the pvpfueled by political and commercial issues in the game world, to nurture interactions between players, in addition to content PvE aimed at bringing the world of Dual Universe to life. Obviously, the players will have to be a little more patient before discovering them concretely in game.


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