Duolingo Math wants you to revise your multiplication tables on iOS

Duolingo Math wants you to revise your multiplication tables on iOS

Duolingo thinks of those who yawned in algebra class and has just released its new application dedicated to mathematics. This is the group’s first excursion in a field other than language learning. True to its formula, we find the playful exercise system and the little characters that made the success of the original app.

Two types of lessons are offered: an elementary one aimed at teaching students basic concepts (multiplications, fractions), and another called “brain training”. This covers more advanced topics and seeks to strengthen mental arithmetic skills with exercises useful in everyday life.

Several concepts are on the program: multiplications, divisions, fractions, geometry, decimals, measurements… The emphasis is on interactions, for example with a clock to turn for exercises relating to hours and minutes.

TechCrunch was able to chat a bit with chief engineer Sammy Siegel, who confirmed that an Android version was in the works. In the future, Duolingo Math should offer university-level exercises. The engineer explains that the formula will not move away from that of Duolingo, with always short lessons, series to maintain and fun animations.

The app is offered free of charge on iPhone and iPad: no subscription is currently on the program. Duolingo Math is downloadable right now on the App Store and requires at least iOS 14. The interface is only available in English.