EA marks the beginning of the end for physical games

The German-speaking branch of Electronic Arts has decided to permanently stop the marketing of physical games. You will now have to go through online stores like EA Desktop or Steam.

The basic trend in video games is to purchase dematerialized and it is not the Covid that has helped physical stores to win the hearts of players. The year 2020 marked a tipping point, particularly in France where digital games sell more than physical games.

From this observation, Electronic Arts GmbH has decided to take a heavy decision: to stop the pure and simple sale of physical games.

A first test in Germany and some countries

The German branch of EA announces it: Electronic Arts will no longer market physical games in several European countries. This includes Germany, but also Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia. In these countries, it will therefore be necessary to go through EA Desktop, Steam or the online stores of game consoles to buy EA games like FIFA or Battlefield.

The official description for Electornic Arts GmbH, the German branch, has already been updated by EA to remove the mention of the sale of manufactured goods. It is now only a question of marketing services related to the following areas: video, video game, computer software or interactive “.

France is therefore not concerned for the moment, but it is undoubtedly a testing ground for EA. If other countries see their markets shift more strongly towards dematerialized, we imagine that EA could extend this decision.

Above all, with this decision, EA is paving the way for other publishers. The firm is one of the giants of the sector and it is necessarily the kind of decision that will be noticed.

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