Ease your daily life with the Midea S8+ robot vacuum cleaner at -60%

Ease your daily life with the Midea S8+ robot vacuum cleaner at -60%

Household chores, the hassle of vacuuming under the furniture and in every nook and cranny? It’s finish ! With the Midea S8+ robot vacuum cleaner, in fact, everything becomes simpler: winner of numerous awards in various design competitions around the world, the vacuum cleaner equipped with marvels of technology will make your job much easier.

And in particular thanks to an enormous suction capacity (4000Pa), which can allow it to cover an entire room, to its sensors which make it possible to detect the slightest obstacle in the way, or to its revolutionary V-shaped brush, designed to adapt to all types of floors, from carpet to rugs, including of course a harder floor.

Not to mention, of course… its silent motor: revolutionary, it will allow you to finally be able to rest in the evening, without even realizing that this little black robot is working for you. And don’t think this one just picks up crumbs, like a regular vacuum cleaner! Small additional surprise, it is also able to send water thanks to its high frequency vibration system (up to 500 vibrations per minute) and to clean the tasks on the ground.

High technology at a very low price!

The only thing to do for this: fill its tank with tap water, which will be automatically sterilized. And with it, your floors will shine like new! Enduring, this little robot sold with…

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