Economic development: RisingSUD expands to the attractiveness of the territory

The economic development agency of the South Region expands to the attractiveness of the territory. A reorientation that led to an internal reorganization and the development of a new strategic roadmap. Changes that were presented in Marseille at the same time as the agency’s first-half 2022 report.

South Region Economic Development Agency, RisingSUD is now also dedicated to the attractiveness of the territory. These are now two missions with which Audrey Brun Rabuel, the agency’s new general manager, appointed last May. At the same time, the agency’s structure was reorganized to deal with this dual orientation and a new roadmap was drawn up. It is this reorganization and this new roadmap that were presented at the beginning of the week in Marseille at the same time as the agency’s report for the first half of 2022. (Photo DR:: from left to right, Bernard Kleynoff, GrĂ©gory Vincent, Audrey Brun Rabuel, Joachin Queyras and Lauranne Guirlinger).

Three major deputy general managers

The reorganization? RisingSud is structured into three major deputy directorates. The first to better support companies and territories headed by Joachin Queyras, doctor in Economic Intelligence and specialist in territorial economic development; the second to develop attractiveness, export and internationalization with Grégory Vincent who comes from Business France; the third to strengthen communication, influence and marketing in the service of territories and the attractiveness of the South region with Lauranne Guirlinger who notably worked at Schneider Electric in Barcelona on change management issues.

A new strategic roadmap

We wanted to reorient the actions of risingSUD to strengthen the attractiveness of our territories and meet the needs of our regional companies internationally” has explained Bernard Kleynhof, president of RisingSUD. “This new roadmap, supported by the South Region and its president Renaud Muselier, and carried by a new management team, should allow RisingSUD to better prospect, convince, land and develop business projects in our region but also talents.”

As for the new strategic roadmap, it is fixed “a clear course for the next 6 years” clarified Audrey Brun Rabuel. She “aims to welcome more national and international prospects, more talents, but also to better support our companies for export via tailor-made programs, targeting key destinations and sectors. From 2022, we will support more companies in Operations of Regional Interest in their fundraising, we will strengthen our positioning to capture more European projects and we will welcome new members to our governance. CSR will also be at the heart of our reorganization, in line with the objective of the South Region, to have a COP in advance”.

Key figures for the first half of 2022

In its report for the first half of the year, RisingSUD highlights 33 establishments of confirmed companies with the key 3,315 jobs created or maintained, 2.2 billion euros invested of which 60% with national capital. The agency also boasts 319 companies supported in their growth and 23 projects accelerated in its strategic sectors (as part of Operations of Regional Interest).

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