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Emblematic company of the energy sector in France, symbol of a certain idea of ​​public service, EDF – today 84% owned by the State – has suffered the full brunt of the consequences of liberalization policies, government imperities and also its focus on nuclear power generation.

The company remains one of the world’s energy giants, but is extremely weakened by the needs of the atom (maintenance of old power stations, problems with new reactors) as well as by the financial drains of the State on its own profit (via dividends) or for the benefit of its competitors and customers.

Champion of nuclear power stations, responsible for French hydroelectric dams, owner of gas or coal-fired power stations all over the world, manager of electricity networks and high voltage lines in France, developer of solar and wind farms in the four corners of the planet on models that hardly distinguish it from other “green” multinationals… Will the EDF group be able to continue to make the big difference between such diverse activities?

The government’s plan to “renationalize” part of the activities, in particular nuclear production to put it at the service of other players in the liberalized market, would in any case sign the definitive death of the integrated public electricity service.

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