Elica Nikolatesla Fit 3Z: a hob with hood finally reasonable

Induction hobs with extractor hood are on the rise, and Elica has made a specialty of these combined appliances. The Fit range includes models that do not exceed 60 cm in width, a real asset in the sector since, in general, these devices are 90 cm in width to accommodate the different fireplaces, but also the suction orifice.

The Nikolatesla Fit 3Z accommodates three homes. The one on the left consists of two concentric inductors, and the cooking area can reach a maximum diameter of 30 cm. This probably explains the absence of a combinable zone, this feature which allows two inductors to be combined (often the pair placed on the right or left of the plate) so as to form a single and same vast cooking surface for cooking utensils. large size or atypical shape. This particular selection of inductors allows Elica to place the suction port slightly off-axis to the right. Without it being revolutionary, the aesthetic effect is rather successful.

From a purely technical point of view, the maximum power of the heating part of the Nikolatesla Fit 3Z reaches 7200 W (which is nothing exceptional), and the user is free to modify it in nine steps. Of course, a boost mode is provided to raise the temperature quickly, for example to heat the water for pasta. On the suction side, the maximum power promised by Elica on the Nikolatesla Fit 3Z reaches 600 m³/h. It should be noted, however, that this data concerns an intensive mode used on an ad hoc basis and over a limited period of time (5 or 10 min). Another important detail, the technical sheet indicates a noise level of 61 dB(A) when the extractor hood is pushed to its limits. Note, however, that the noise was probably not measured during use of the famous intensive function. By way of comparison, it is estimated that a normal conversation reaches a noise level of 60 dB(A).

For the moment, no marketing date has been communicated, and the price also remains unknown. But it should be closer to that of a very similar model from Elica (the Nikolatesla Fit), which reached 1800 €.

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