Elon Musk wants to charge Twitter users $20/month for a simple blue badge

The new owner of the social network would have an idea to bring money into the coffers: to charge a subscription of 20 dollars per month to certain users.

Elon Musk is the new boss of Twitter since October 27, 2022, and he’s wasting no time in implementing changes. After having raised the idea of ​​a Twitter split in two, with a version for right-wing ideas, a version for left-wing ideasthe businessman would have another idea: to charge 20 dollars a month to certain Twitter users.

$20 a month to get certified on Twitter (and stay that way)

This is The Verge which revealed Elon Musk’s plans on October 31, 2022. According to documents that journalists consulted, the new owner would consider radically transforming Twitter Blue, the current paid subscription offer to the social network. For $4.99 a month, Twitter Blue currently provides only a few benefits, but Elon Musk wants to completely transform the service.

Elon Msuk is the new owner of Twitter. // Source : YouTube / TED

According to The Verge, Twitter Blue would become a $20 per month offering that would verify users. They would then obtain the famous blue certification badge. In addition, the subscription would not be optional to maintain the certification, according to our colleagues: ” under the plan, verified users would have 90 days to sign up for the subscription, or lose their certification “.

Elon Musk has neither confirmed nor denied the information from The Verge: there has been no official reaction so far. But, the billionaire had, only a few hours before the publication of the article, announced his desire to change the certification on the platform. In a tweet posted on Twitter on October 30, he explained that “ the entire verification process is being reviewed “.

That’s not all: The Verge also learned that employees working on the new subscription plan were reportedly told on Sunday, October 30 that they had until November 7 to launch the new offer. If they don’t, they will be fired, according to the newspaper.

What could the new certification look like?

These are the only details that have leaked on how the certification might work in the future. Will it be enough to pay to automatically receive the badge, without the social network teams doing any verification? Should we still meet certain criteria or provide proof of identity, as is the case today ? Nobody knows yet, but the answers to these questions will be of paramount importance for the future of Twitter.

Above all, who is going to agree to pay $20 a month just for a blue badge next to their name? Certainly, companies, professionals in particular sectors, or even personalities for whom paying $20 does not represent much. The vast majority of certified users, however, can be expected to drop the badge.

If only the network’s wealthiest professionals and personalities keep their badges, will Twitter look like some kind of LinkedIn? Conversely, troll will they be able to impersonate other people, and display a verification badge on their profile just because they paid? All these questions remain unanswered for the moment. Elon Musk will have to provide clarity soon if he wants to convince users to stay, and above all, to pay $20 a month.

Musk’s arrival at the head of Twitter is eventful. After dismissing all of Twitter’s management, Elon seems determined to see his total overhaul project through to the end. The Billionaire would consider making Twitter a kind of integral appbased on the model of the Chinese social network WeChat.

However, we do not really know what form Twitter will take when Elon Musk is done with his project. Between what the billionaire wants to do, especially in terms of absolute freedom of expression, and what he can do, there are many gaps. Elon Musk has already been called to order by the European Union. Only one thing seems certain: Twitter will never be the same again.

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