Ending AIDS in 2030: “We are not on the right track”, Antonio Guterres

The Secretary General of the UN, Antonio Guterres doubts the elimination of the AIDS pandemic by 2030. He pleaded, on December 1, for the fight against inequalities in access to treatment for this disease.

While the world has promised to end the AIDS pandemic by 2030, inequalities in care perpetuate this pandemic. Which leads UN Secretary General Antonio Guteress to say that we are not on the right track. On the occasion of the celebration of the world day against this disease, he decried this situation. “We can end AIDS if we treat everyone equally,” he said.

“Today we risk having millions of new infections and millions more deaths,” he added, pointing out that there were “proven practical solutions” that can help end AIDS. Antonio Guteress also advocated for “better laws, policies and practices to address the stigma and exclusion faced by people living with HIV, especially marginalized populations. “Everyone needs respect,” said the boss of the world organization.

Supporting the words of the UN Secretary General, the President of the United Nations General Assembly, Csaba Kőrösi said that: “We need urgent measures to end the inequalities that make people vulnerable to infection. If the international community acts, 3.6 million new HIV infections and 1.7 million AIDS-related deaths will be averted this decade.”
The financial commitment of UN Member States is therefore solicited to honor this promise to eliminate HIV/AIDS by 2030.