energy sobriety responsible for the increase in cases?

“I lower, I turn off, I shift“. This is the slogan used by the government to invite the population to lower your energy consumption. The Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne called on Tuesday, November 30 the French to wear the mask in transport and in the presence of the most fragile people.

According to Benjamin Davido, the energy sobriety could have a link with the recent rise in Covid cases. “We are in a period of energy sobriety. We have tendency to turn off the heating, close the window and less ventilate closed spaces. These elements could create a cocktail very conducive to contamination”describes the infectious disease specialist at the Garches hospital.

The virus infections jumped from 46% last week compared to the previous one. “You have to try to protect yourself. And today, unfortunately, the trend is for a resumption of hospitalizations for pneumonia, respiratory problems”, explains Benjamin Davido.

As part of this energy sobriety, the government had notably announced a drop in heating to 19°C. The reduction in the ventilation of enclosed spaces and the closing of windows is also linked to the drop in outdoor temperatures.

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