Epic Games offers child-safety-friendly accounts

Epic Games announced on December 7 the arrival of a new type of account designed to protect children under 13 of the various dangers present in online games. Entitled “Cabined Accounts”the latter will ask underage users provide the email address of a legal representative to obtain their consent to the use of certain features such as making in-app purchases or having access to voice chat. The “Cabined Accounts” are already available on Fortnite, Rocket League and Fall Guys.

Epic Games makes the safety of minors its priority

While many companies in the video game industry offer enhanced privacy settings to protect their underage users, these are often considered too restrictive. ” Companies are approaching this challenge by creating isolated experiences for young gamers, which are usually limited and unattractive compared to the complete activities offered by the game. This can encourage misrepresentation of age », alert Epic Games in its press release. The American development studio adds that ” another approach is to provide a full experience for younger players, but if the kids don’t get permission from their parents, they’re left out entirely with no other options. None of these ways is optimal “.

For Epic Games, the implementation of “Cabined Accounts” should ” provide a personalized, safe and inclusive experience for young players “. The Cary, USA-based company believes ” that creating a rich experience within the same overall game or product is the best way to allow young gamers to participate meaningfully without compromising their safety “.

All users under the age of 13 must obtain parental consent to access several features of Epic Games. Otherwise they will not be able to make purchases with money, use the free text chat, trade within Rocket League, download games that do not belong to Epic Games, choose the nickname, have access to two-factor authentication and linking their account to other platforms.

This latest innovation brings back to the forefront the desire of Epic Games to create a safe environment for all age groups, in anticipation of the opening of a metaverse. Steps already started last April, when Epic Games unveiled a partnership with Lego to design a safe, child-friendly metaverse.