EVE Online – The Uprising expansion planned for next November on EVE Online

In parallel with the revamp of Factional Warfare introduced by narrative arcs, the Uprising expansion will be an opportunity for the space MMORPG EVE Online to have new ships among other cosmetic additions.

If we expect in theory new contents of an extension, the studio CCP Games this time focuses on an already existing proposal with Factional Warfare. In the universe of EVE Online, four major factions share secure systems, while fighting each other on the periphery. Charge players to enlist for one of these factions and fight to switch the possession of star systems, or take advantage of dedicated sites to earn income. These low-security systems are also the preferred space for piracy, but their use has dropped enough to require an overhaul.

The main change to Factional Warfare is the appearance of front lines to concentrate the action and the highest incomes in well-identified systems. This concentration should in principle generate more fights and therefore more interest for the followers of this gameplay very specific on EVE Online. The combat sites will also be reviewed to improve their readability. Always on the register of accessibility, narrative arcs must be responsible for highlighting the Factional Warfare.

The expansion Uprising will also mark the appearance of the logos of his corporation or his alliance on the hull of his ship. It’s the kind of detail that you won’t see if you move your camera away to capture the action as well as possible, but always valuable to reinforce immersion and the feeling of belonging. New ships will appear, enough to enrich an already particularly extensive catalog. Cosmetically, the entrance and exit of the hangar will have a little staging. Meanwhile, the interface changes grouped under the title EVE Evolved will arrive next October.


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