Everything you need to know to prospect on LinkedIn

Do you know social selling? Also called “social selling”, this approach uses social networks to find new customers or potential candidates. This tried-and-true alternative to cold-calling – maybe you were even doing it without knowing it!

To facilitate prospecting efforts, LinkedIn has developed Sales Navigator. Check out our introduction to this paid tool that might suit your needs.

First, what is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Extension that is added to your LinkedIn account, Sales Navigator creates a parallel news feed focused only on prospects that correspond to your business reality. Imagine this tool as a gigantic database with around 830 million subscribers and more than 58 million companies around the world. This is the potential of social-selling to tame.

With its algorithm developed by LinkedIn, Sales Navigator offers prospects that fit perfectly with your search criteria. A source of continuous leads!

Here is an overview of the current rates. They may vary depending on the package chosen and whether it is a monthly or annual subscription.

Sales Navigator Professional (Core): $89.99/month.

Sales Navigator Team (Advanced): $142.50/month.

Sales Navigator Enterprise (Plus): from $1600/year (LinkedIn does not reveal the exact price without requesting a demo).

Is the game worth the candle?

The advantages of LinkedIn Sales Navigator for your prospecting

Here are the main functions that could be added to your basic tactics for generating qualified leads on LinkedIn.

  • More accurate advanced filters for finding professionals and businesses
  • Setting up alerts related to the activities of the accounts followed
  • Creation of personalized list(s) of prospects
  • Save your searches, as well as their automatic relaunch
  • Generation of a news feed focused only on your prospects and your recruiting or sales objectives
  • Access to Smart Links to track your prospects’ engagement or share content – ​​with Sales Navigator Advanced
  • Access to TeamLinks, allowing access to the contacts of 2e and 3e levels of other platform users (with Sales Navigator Advanced) or all your colleagues (with Sales Navigator Plus)
  • Integration with your CRM and real-time updating of your contacts (e.g. job changes) – with Sales Navigator Plus

How to Optimize Sales Navigator for Sales – and Recruitment!

That it attaches to your employer or company brand strategy, Sales Navigator equips you to access a vast pool of talent and potential customers. What are the main steps to get the most out of it?

  1. Set up your Sales Navigator by setting your trading preferences.
    1. Geographic areas targeted: country, region, city
    2. Target sectors – accounting, finance, IT, etc.
    3. Target business size
    4. Target functions – think of all the people and different departments involved in a B2B buying decision: business development, operations, finance or other
    5. Hierarchical level targeted, often decision-makers and department heads
  2. Set your profile view options: anonymous, partially anonymous or fully visible.
  3. Launch your advanced searches to build your prospect lists and fill your newsfeed.
    1. Quickly define your audience by applying business preferences from your profile. Also take the time to go through all the filters, for example by adding keywords in the title of the company or professionals.
    2. In the results of your searches, explore the different tabs that identify, for example, the most active profiles or the most relevant suggestions.
  4. Save well-constructed searches, since Sales Navigator can relaunch them every 24 hours. Depending on your settings, it may send you notifications (eg weekly or once a month) of new profiles that match your criteria.
  5. Manage your prospect lists. When you save a person or business from a search, all of their activity is added to your News Feed. So you have a general list, but take advantage of the possibility of creating personalized lists of prospects. Able to be commented, these lists can also be shared with other users of your license.
  6. Check your Social Selling Index frequently (social selling index) in the margin of your News Feed. It informs about your effectiveness in creating a good online presence using four criteria: “building your professional brand”, “finding the right people”, “exchanging information” and “building relationships”.

Can Sales Navigator become a recruiting tool?

Absolutely! Even though the social platform offers to use LinkedIn Recruiter, Sales Navigator can do the trick as well! In this way, you will be able to centralize all of your prospect searches, whether they are potential customers or talents. All without having to invest in two LinkedIn packages.

Simply create separate lists to target and track the activity of certain talents on LinkedIn. The only catch is that your sales leads and these talents will appear on the same newsfeed.

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Diversify your sources of leads: a strategic must!

Since Sales Navigator is not free, make sure that this tool meets your needs and that it will be used to its full potential by your sales or HR marketing teams.

To support you in adopting Sales Navigator or to multiply your customer or candidate prospecting platforms, our specialists have the compass in their eye: trust us to aim straight.

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