Experimenting with Sensor Fusion, the latest competition from element14

Members of the element14 community are welcome to experiment, test, or build a project with the AMD-Xilinx Spartan-7 SP701 FPGA Evaluation Kit. The competition is open until September 30, 2022.

The competition sensor fusion is part of the program Summer of sensors distributor, an event bringing together several suppliers to explore and test sensor technology. They will receive a free hardware evaluation kit from AMD-Xilinx, power cords, adapters, Ethernet and micro USB cables, a Digilent Pcam 5C imaging module, as well as a motion sensor 9 Digilent Pmod NAV axles. They will be able to concentrate for eight weeks on experimenting with the fusion of sensors of interest to industrial networks, on-board vision and automotive applications.

‚ÄúSensors allow us to observe details inaccessible to our human senses. When multiple sensors are integrated, known as ‘sensor fusion’, we see a more informed and accurate picture of the world around us.”explained Dianne Kibbey, global community and social media manager for element14.

To participate in the competition, element14 members are subject to a selection. If chosen, applicants will receive a kit for free. To be eligible for the grand prizes, entrants must blog at least twice. At the end of the competition, the judges will determine the best in December and award the prizes. The winner will receive an iPad Mini and an Apple Watch Series 7; The finalist, an Apple Watch Series 7.

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