Exploris: Launch of a new 100% French expedition cruise company

Among all the back-to-school announcements to which you have been exposed, that of the launch of a new 100% French expedition cruise company is certainly the most captivating of the season. » : declares Eric Lustman the commercial and marketing director of Exploris

Such emphasis on the part of a founding member can be understood with regard to the entrepreneurial gamble of the management committee. Indeed, the latter chose to be a shareholder of the company, thus reproducing identically the model that its president Philippe Videau had successfully set up by launching the Compagnie du Ponant.

Love currency

25 million investment, 3 years of study, the constitution of a tight shareholder base around the members of the management can only be explained by a single motivation, that of passion as claimed by Philippe Videau: “I brought together a group of investors passionate about extreme travel, because to embark on this adventure you have to be passionate. It’s love money “.

To position yourself

However, the market seems crowded. The competition seems overwhelming. But Eric Lustman intends to highlight its specificities to display an original positioning.

The keys to success

The sales and marketing director insists on the size of the boat to win the support of future customers: ” the size of the boat remains fundamental for this type of top-of-the-range expedition cruise: 70 cabins, 140 passengers maximum*. This capacity allows us to offer an optimum service with our 100 crew members. Then everything is linked: we can disembark all together, which facilitates the organization and strengthens the cohesion of the group. » Exploris aims to best meet the expectations of lovers of nature and its riches who wish combine relaxation with discoveryfans of small-capacity ships and the more intimate and warm atmosphere that characterizes them.


The expedition cruise, that is to say the one that requires a Zodiac fleet to disembark**, is aimed at a selective target. First, the price barrier limits the number of customers. A ticket between 2500 and 11500 euros per person is not within reach of all budgets. Then there is the question of destinations. The visit to the Antarctic does not call for returning there often… Eric Lustman knows this perfectly ” we address a demanding clientele that we can retain only if we offer choice. It is for this reason that we have set up an original and diversified route to offer around thirty varied itineraries. “.

100% French

France’s positioning cannot be forgotten in this presentation. On board the Exploris One, all officers, guides and naturalists are French-speaking, allowing the crew and passengers to exchange and share their experiences more freely. :the language of the support staff is French. For expedition cruises that come with specific rules to ensure passenger safety, it’s reassuring to hear your native language spoken says Eric Lustman.

The CSR dimension

Such a launch, in the current context, could not ignore the CSR dimension. The management committee knew it was expected. Philippe Videau does not hide: Aware that everything must be done so that future generations can have the chance to experience the same expeditions as those offered today, Exploris claims a balanced vision between performance, individual fulfillment and respect for the blue planet and its inhabitants. In order to avoid any negative impact, the company is committed both to the planet and to the men and women of our land. This includes in particular reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, limiting the use of plastic and supporting projects that advance scientific knowledge and contribute to the preservation of biodiversity.

Exploris also innovates with the notion of ” increased travel », with an expedition that begins as soon as the reservation is made and continues on the return from the cruise: making contact upstream with the teams and maintaining exchanges after disembarkation, transmission of photos at the end of the cruise…

Sales have just opened

The inaugural cruise will take place in December 2023, and will transport travelers to the heart of the Chilean fjords. On the program for the following cruises: Antarctica, the Atlantic islands, the British Isles, the Norwegian fjords, the Arctic, Iceland, the St. Lawrence or the Amazon… Exploris cruise advisers are available from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. on or at [email protected]

* Exploris One: 60 cabins and 12 suites among the most spacious on board. Explorers will also be able to take advantage of a fitness and well-being area, a panoramic lounge, a bridge and a panoramic lounge, which promote conviviality between passengers and exchanges, as well as outdoor jacuzzis for a moment 100 % relaxation with a view between two stopovers.

**The boat is also equipped with twelve Zodiacs allowing all passengers to disembark in very small groups (10 people for 1 guide) on territories usually inaccessible, accompanied by teams of experts both on board and on land.

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