faced with the shortage of pellets, priority delivery for certain users?

While the price of wood pellets continues to climb and a shortage is more and more likely, it is possible that users who only have this means of heating will be given priority this winter.

The consequences of the energy crisis do not only concern gas or electricity. In turn, the timber industry has also been seriously impacted in recent weeks. It is more particularly the famous pellets (or wood pellets) whose prices have not only soared, but which are becoming increasingly difficult to find. Faced with a risk of shortage this winter, the general delegate of France Combustible believes that homes that have no other means of heating could be prioritized.

An uncertain supply for pellets

It is therefore Frédéric Plan, General Delegate of France Combustibles, who returned to the tensions around the pellet market on France Info. For this energy specialist, two factors explain this tense situation: The first, the huge enthusiasm for pellet stoves, sales of which have exploded in recent years. A craze that inevitably increases the demand for pellets and today, the resource produced in France can no longer cover the demand.

Why are the prices rising?

About the price increase, if 60 million consumers denounce the abusive practices of certain distributors, Frédéric Plan highlights an important factor: the increase in the price of the gas necessary for the manufacture of these pellets and which inevitably leads to an increase in prices. The law of scarce supply in relation to demand does the rest.

Risk of rationing?

The question that arises today is the risk of rationing for this winter. As wood pellets are not subject to strategic storage, the market is in just-in-time fashion. If the winter is harsh, Frédéric Plan believes that a rationing of pellets may be possible and that users who have no other means of heating should be served first.

Those who have electric heaters at home may therefore have to turn them on again. that the government asks everyone to make efforts in terms of electricity consumption.

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