Financial inclusion: BSIC-Moov Money for customer satisfaction

Fruit of a solid partnership, Moov Africa-Malitel and BSIC proceeded, on Wednesday, September 14, to the commercial launch of BSIC-Moov Money. A new product allowing to carry out several financial operations from the mobile phone.

The collaborative links between Moov Africa-Maliel and BSIC are further strengthened to the great satisfaction of the customers that the mobile operator and the bank have in common. A strengthening of the links which has just been accentuated by the signature of a partnership accompanied by the commercial launch of the BSIC-Moov Money product. The partnership agreement was signed by the deputy general manager of BSIC and the administrative and financial director of Moov Africa-Malitel.

According to the deputy general manager of the BSIC, the approach is part of the aim of bringing more ease and autonomy to the customers in their daily transaction. In his explanations, Robert N’Daw indicated that BSIC-Moov Money is a solution which makes it possible to link the BSIC-Mali account to that of the customer’s Moov Money. According to him, the launch of this new product reflects the will and the commitment of the two structures to participate actively in socio-economic development and to contribute at the same time to the financial inclusion of the country. With BSIC-Moov Money, customers, once registered for free, can now pay water and electricity bills, transfer money from their BSIC account to their Moov Money account and vice versa. For his part, the administrative and financial director of Moov Africa-Malitel expressed his pride in the partnership that binds his structure to the BSIC. A partnership that he considered very beneficial to their customers.

With BSIC-Moov Money, the mobile phone operator and the bank are thus expanding their range of services with a view to always better serving customers and being closer to them.


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