Firewall Ultra, the new multiplayer FPS from First Contact Entertainment

First Contact Entertainment wants to push the boundaries of virtual reality with Firewall Ultra.

Announced for the PlayStation VR2, Firewall Ultra will take place five years after the events of Firewall Zero Hour and will take advantage of the unique characteristics of the helmet of virtual reality from Sony to deliver an all-new experience with 4K HDR visuals, eye-tracking to enable intuitive weapon swapping and ATH/HUD indicators, completely redone character models, and redesigned maps that offer new areas as well as new textures.

The Firewall license evolves with Firewall Ultra

Frank Marm, Community Manager at First Contact Entertainment, said:

Over the past four years, we’ve listened to our community and are happy to announce that you’ll be playing Firewall Ultra on dedicated servers. We’ve also added rounds to the game. To win, you’ll need to win two out of three rounds. In addition, we offer a completely new PvE experience. Also prepare for post-launch content, like new contractors, as well as new maps and weapons (…) For many, Firewall Zero Hour is more than just a game. It’s a meeting point for a virtual family, a place to make new friends or an escape to another world from the comfort of your living room. Many of our players have been with us since the release. They’re very quick to help newcomers, and some have created some amazing content (which we can’t stop admiring on our break room TV). Watching you grow and evolve is a real pleasure, and we’re excited to bring you a new experience with Firewall Ultra.

A trailer for Firewall Ultra

Firewall Ultra will be released next year on PS VR 2, the PS5’s next-gen virtual reality headset.

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