Flanders wants to introduce a deposit on cans and plastic bottles

Flanders wants to introduce a deposit on cans and plastic bottles

But Flanders wants to use a digital system instead of physical collection points where you would bring your lockers And offers “smart blue bags”.

Specifically, this means that a unique QR code will be affixed to each plastic bottle and can. Such a QR code will also be on your blue bag at home or on a public trash can on the street.

Anyone who wants to throw their can or bottle there will have to scan these codes to prove that they have disposed of their packaging correctly. And in this way, you will therefore be reimbursed. Perhaps an application will be developed for this, which you can install on your smartphone, and for people who do not have a smartphone, there would be home scanners.

Retail outlets such as supermarkets would not be required to collect packaging under this system. “However, if a store wishes to organize its own collection as an additional service for customers, it is permitted to do so,” reads a press release.

“Flanders is strong when it comes to innovation and technology. That’s why we want to give this state-of-the-art digital system a chance and play a leading role again. However, this has to fit into the schedule to be operational in 2025 and cannot be a reason for delay. If the sector is found to target or cause delay, we will revert to a different filing system,” Minister Demir echoed.

But not everyone shares Minister Zuhal Demir’s optimism and some in Flanders believe that this digital system is far too complicated and instead suggests a classic system like in the Netherlands and Germany.