Flat High Performance antenna finally brings broadband to moving vehicles

Whether you’re cruising in a yacht, cruising in a caravan, or soaring in a private jet, soon there won’t be a corner of the planet that isn’t covered by Mr. Musk’s high-speed satellite internet network. Today, Starlink announced the availability of a new type of antenna, the Flat High Performance, made for rolling vehicles.

Starlink’s success is undeniable. The solution ofSpace X satellite internet multiplies offers aimed at end users. Elon Musk’s company has just announced on Twitter the launch of a new antenna designed to be used in motion: the Flat High Performance. After cruise ships and airlinersit’s finally the turn of motorhomes to have the right to a high-speed Internet connection in their vehicle.

We will note with pleasure that the price of the subscription does not seem to have increased. From the month of December therefore, for the modest sum of 100 € / month, to which must be added 2500 € for the antennaall road and travel people can boast of having Internet on board their cabin, even if the company does not have not officially announced the availability of this service in France. The most impatient can console themselves by noting that, technically, French customers can expect high speed and low latency, if we are to believe the network coverage map offered on the ISP’s website.

After boats and planes, Starlink finally arrives in vans

Flat High Performance is designed for moving vehicles. Despite all the miniaturization efforts of SpaceX engineers, the antenna will have to be fixed on the roof of the vehicle. The site does not specify how to install it, or even if it will be possible to do it yourself. No photo shows a real car equipped with Flat High Performance. Will it be possible to secure it on the roof of a Tesla Model 3 ? No one is sure, but probably not.

Reception with the Flat High Performance antenna (just like with the normal Starlink antenna) should be good as long as you ride (or park) under open skies. The company specifies that the speed which users will benefit from will depend strongly on the satellite coverage where they are, but also on the number of people using the network in the vicinity. Being well aware that few people actually spend all seasons in an RV, SpaceX will offer to pay a subscription renewable one month after the othere. It is thus possible to pause it during the winter, and to restart it once the fine weather returns.

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