Football Manager 2023 drops a header in Apple Arcade

Football Manager 2023 drops a header in Apple Arcade

Exceptionally, Apple Arcade welcomed this Tuesday a new game and not the least, since it is about Soccer Manager 2023 ! All versions of Sega’s football management simulation were actually released today, whether for PC, consoles, iOS, Android, macOS and even tvOS!

The game puts you in the shoes of a coach of one of the teams available (there is the French Ligue 1 and Ligue 2, and 120 other European leagues), it is then up to you to win matches by developing tactics on the ground, by buying and selling players, until the final consecration – victory in the Champion’s League!

The game is casually intuitive enough to help the beginner player to navigate through all these tables. And the match sequences (which we just watch) are dynamic and lively enough to give you some cold sweats… and also future indications for your coaching.

She is beautiful !

On an iPhone screen, we must admit that the texts are still quite small, and then the game heats up the battery. Despite everything, this Touch version has something to addict Excel fans who are waiting for the World Cup on a firm footing.