“For 27 million, we stay in the country, while football claims 8 billion”

We have a feeling of enormous disappointment“, thunders Malick Niang, who suggests that the Ministry of Sports was aware of everything from the start.

He goes into detail:We did 41 days of external preparation. The State cannot wait for the last bend to tell us that we are not leaving. If they had warned us for a long time, we would have tried to see other resources to leave. We are waiting to see by Friday if it is still possible to leave. We wait, we do not despair. If we left and became African champions in Maputo, we would be directly qualified for the Paris 2024 Olympics. We don’t want to miss this opportunity and we are still hopeful of the reaction of the Ministry of Sports. We gave ourselves every chance to go to Maputo and beat our opponents. During the Zone 2 championships, we flew over the competition and left crumbs for our opponents. We came back with 11 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze medals. All our 17 boxers won medals. So that means we were going to the African Championships in Maputo to confirm our leadership“.

Currently, the dream of a whole generation has been shattered, young people are completely discouraged and, for 27 millionthey are held in Senegal“says Malick Niang.

And to ogle a little about what is happening on the football side. “At the same time, football demands 8 billion to get to the 2022 World Cup. We don’t ask for much, it’s just catering, equipment, tickets for 27 million. International competitions are supported by the Ministry of Sports. We had submitted our requests since August 5 and the minister had promised to take care of everything. We funded our groups, nurtured hope among young people. You can’t imagine their bitterness, it’s hard! Today, if we don’t leave by (this) Friday, they will all go home. Some go as far as Louga. What are they going to say to their families when they were supposed to be shooting in Maputo?“.

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