For our readers, NordVPN sacrifices the prices of its offers during the French Days

The most popular VPN service once again comes to the fore for a commercial period. For the French Days and exclusively for Frandoid readers, the service offers big discounts on these bundles with prices never seen before.

The French Days are also an opportunity for services to put themselves forward and this is the time it’s NordVPN that sticks to it with new offers. the vpn the most popular of the moment composes for this time 3 formulas: Essential, Advanced and Ultimate. The first offers access to the VPN in addition to antivirus protection and an ad blocker, the second also offers a password manager and the third adds 1 TB of online storage. It is also necessary to count on basic advanced options such as the activation of a mesh network or even anti-threat protection. Everything is offered at very advantageous prices, exclusively for Frandroid readers.

What is NordVPN basically?

  • Very good desktop and mobile applications
  • Excellent speeds thanks to the NordLynx protocol
  • Reliable and efficient after-sales service
  • A password manager and optional cloud storage

For the French Days period, NordVPN offers its 2-year subscription with an additional three months free for 67.23 euros, or 2.49 euros per month, -68% overall. Use promo code ENGLISHFRANDROID when ordering.

You can also opt for the following bundles which are also on sale, including the addition of a password manager and an ultra-secure 1 TB cloud:

VPN star

NordVPN is by far the most popular VPN service on the market, it is also one of the best on our comparator. Whether on television or on the web, you have already heard of it. It is the best known VPN service to date, but its reputation is not usurped, because it is also one of the most effective. First of all, its interface couldn’t be simpler and more complete with, as soon as the application is launched, a map of the world is displayed. Just walk around and click on a country icon to connect to it, and there are over 60 with over 5400 servers.

Its other strong point concerns its performance of excellent speeds and a very controlled ping depending on the country where you connect, even if you should not expect miracles from the other side of the world. Whatever the use, Nord VPN responds remarkably to the effort whether it is for video streaming from VOD platforms (Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, etc.) or for downloading in P2P. All this is enhanced by the use of the NordLynx network protocol, one of the best on the market and exclusive to NordVPN. You also have to rely on a very effective ad blocker and a private DNS mode in order to gain even more confidentiality.

Accessible everywhere on desktop and mobile

NordVPN is accessible on most devices via Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Linux or even Fire TV. Browser extensions on Chrome or Firefox are also very practical in order to avoid installing the program on your computer. The desktop and mobile applications have undergone numerous adjustments and added functionality to make navigation more pleasant and improve performance.

It is good to know that NordVPN is one of the VPNs with a fairly extensive transparency policy, particularly with regard to data retention. The service has used four independent auditing companies to confirm its privacy policy: no user data is stored if shared with third parties.

To find out even more, do not hesitate to read our full NordVPN review.

A VPN of course, but not only…

NordVPN is not just a simple VPN, at least if we look at the other services that the brand has developed in parallel with its virtual network. First, there’s NordPass, a highly efficient password manager that centralizes and efficiently organizes all your passwords and personal information effortlessly, all through a dedicated app. A direct competitor to other Dashlane or 1Password.

The other service is called NordLocker, a tool to protect all your digital data stored locally on your computer as well as on the 500 GB cloud it makes available. Sharing between your local and cloud data is done through a dedicated app and transfers are very fast. It’s a system like Onedrive or Dropbox but which also protects your data stored on your computers.

Don’t miss any offers from the French Days 2022

The back-to-school edition for the French Days officially started on Friday September 23, 2022 in France and ends next Monday. As of now, several merchants have already drawn their best promotions. Here are the offers that we recommend at Frandroid.

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