For sales, this Mac antivirus is an insolent answer to hackers

For sales, this Mac antivirus is an insolent answer to hackers

Intego is a French publisher specializing in Mac cybersecurity. Its VirrusBarrier X9 antivirus is an absolute reference in the world of computer security. For the start of the school year, it is at an aggressive price.

We never insist enough on the need for security of all machines connected to the Internet. Whether it’s your smartphone or your computer, there’s a danger of hackers attacking your data and blackmailing you. With potentially gigantic gains, hackers no longer have any limits. 2022 will have been the most violent year in terms of cyberattacks and we can expect worse in 2023.

If we regularly talk about hacks of companies and hospitals, individuals are the silent majority who are victims of scammers. You have to know how to take the lead and an antivirus is the basics to be safe. This applies to both Windows-based and Mac-based computers. On Mac, the absolute reference is Intego: it is an editor which focuses on Mac and which is known as the best on the market (according to AV-Test).

For your New Year’s resolutions, choosing this antivirus to protect your Mac is a reasonable thing. The French Intego even offers a small discount: you don’t will cost only 19.99 euros per year instead of 49.99 euros. So you save 60% on software that can save you a fortune. The price of data (pro or personal memories) is sometimes invaluable: it is better to take the lead than to see them disappear.

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A recognized antivirus on Mac

More than 40 million people worldwide use Intego and its antivirus. Some choose the plan alone while others choose the Mac Premium Bundle. The latter is a formula that includes the antivirus but also the other three Intego software: parental control, disk cleaner and cloud storage. Sold for 29.99 euros during the first year (instead of 84.99 euros), it is an excellent choice.

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If you want to experience all the know-how of Intego, we can only recommend this complete formula. For 10 euros more, you have access to all the offers. In terms of value for money, you are getting a great deal. But otherwise, if you just need a antivirus software to cover yourself, you can also go on the single version. Thereafter, you can always upgrade to other software.

Intego started its business in 1997 and has since risen to become one of the world’s Mac cybersecurity elite. The publisher is facing Bitdefender and Norton with a solution that is even better suited to Mac OS X and macOS. Indeed, the other publishers focus above all on Windows and offer a version (sometimes approximate) on Mac. With Intego, you have software that was designed for Mac, and a team that specializes in this OS.

The great thing about choosing Intego is that you have a leader in Mac security. With its huge network of covered machines, it is able to identify in a few minutes the spread of a virus on Mac. He will then be able to intervene throughout the park to block its distribution. According to the data collected by AV-Test, it is able to detect 100% of all viruses on the Apple operating system.

Didn’t you know that Macs were vulnerable to viruses? For a long time, the belief asserted that this was not the case. Even the leaders of Apple were forced to recognize that this was false: as soon as there is an internet connection and you can download files (directly from a site or by email), there is a risk . Rather than run this unconscious risk, you might as well put 20 euros per year into a solution that will be really effective.

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