For Samuel Eto’o, Anelka “was better” than Thierry Henry –

For Samuel Eto’o, Anelka “was better” than Thierry Henry –

Eto’o prefers Anelka to Henry

Even though he hasn’t worn the jerseys for several years now, Thierry Henry still manages to receive some criticism. Samuel Eto’o, who had the opportunity to meet the Frenchman in the colors of FC Barcelona in Spain, considered that the striker was a “good player”, without being exceptional.

He also said he was not at the level of Nicolas Anelka or, even, of himself. “I think he was not at the level of Nicolas Anelka. Thierry Henry was good, but I knew players… I preferred other players. In any case, he was not at my level. The luck or the bad luck that I had me, it is not to play in France. Those who played in France had +70%. It’s not because they were strong, but because France sells better. They sold them to us and brought them up to our level…” he said for Booska-P.

Two different styles, two great careers

Thierry Henry on Prime Video (Icon Sport)

However, Nicolas Anelka’s career was less good than Thierry Henry. With the Gunners, in particular, the striker shone and quickly became a legend in England. Anelka, he mixed the good and the less good, mainly due to an attitude sometimes considered borderline. There is no doubt that the former Parisian had everything to achieve an even more substantial career, being endowed with a talent clearly above the average.

This statement in any case highlights the whole ego of the Cameroonian. Renowned for his very egocentric phrases, the former striker has often seen himself as the best number 9 in the world. Well Named ?