for the sales, Bitdefender skims the price of its antivirus

for the sales, Bitdefender skims the price of its antivirus

Bitdefender is attacking the sales with an enticing discount on all of its cybersecurity software. From the simplest (but effective) antivirus to the Total Security suite, you can get 60% off from the European publisher.

All hackers don’t have the same scruples. In most cases, they hold your data hostage and give you two options: either you pay a large sum to find your data, or they completely erase it. To never get into this situation, you have to know how to take precautions.

Of course, the first precaution is to always be very careful when browsing the Internet: responsible behavior already allows you to avoid 90% of attacks. That said, if you don’t want to take any risks, the best thing is to trust an established antivirus. Among the benchmark players, Bitdefender is one of the most obvious choices.

Bitdefender is a European company that protects over 500 million customers worldwide. In France, it is at the top of the podium of antivirus vendors for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. If you need coverage, it is currently offering an immediate 60% discount on its entire catalog.

I take advantage of the Bitdefender offer

How does Bitdefender work on desktop or mobile? This software or application runs in the background of your device and it will monitor all traffic. If it identifies a virus or a malicious script, it will automatically warn you and block it. Everything is done in a subtle way, you won’t have to struggle with anxiety-provoking popups like some vendors’ aging antiviruses.

Total Security is more than an antivirus

To come to the detail of the offers, the first is composed of the antivirus alone – and only on Windows. This costs 16 euros per year instead of 39.99 euros. If you have a computer and just want good virus protection, this will be a great choice. Note that this license covers up to 3 computers under Windows.

What does the antivirus actually contain? Bitdefender ? It will of course monitor that no virus can be downloaded to your computer. For this, it will analyze all the files you download (or your external devices) to block if necessary. In addition, it will also accompany you on the internet: it will warn you in the event of fraud or in the event of phishing for your purchases on the internet. Finally, it also includes a VPN – admittedly limited – to hide its IP address.

If you want to cover all of your devices, including smartphones, you will have to choose Bitdefender Total Security. This security suite covers up to 5 devices per year, under Windows/Mac/iOS/Android. You can thus block viruses on your computers and smartphones. If all are connected in one way or another, this is the right reflex to adopt.

In terms of price, Bitdefender still offers a hell of a discount: it doesn’t will cost only 31.99 euros instead of 84.99 euros per year. This Total Security suite comes with 3 more advantages compared to the antivirus alone: ​​there is a firewall included (to protect you on shared Wi-Fi for example), there is a parental control tool and above all you have a tool to optimize and clean your Mac.

By choosing Bitdefender, you are choosing security and convenience. The European company has an expertise that has enabled it to position itself as a world reference since its creation in 2001. It is one of the largest cybersecurity publishers in the world and its name constantly comes up among the best antivirus on the market. You have a trial period (satisfied or refunded) of 30 days to convince you of this license purchase.

To discover the current offer, it’s here:

I take advantage of the Bitdefender offer

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