Fractured – Item Duplication and First Hotfixes for Fractured Online

Fractured Early Access launched on September 15. The MMORPG is the subject of the first corrective patches, in particular to correct a exploit bug which allowed you to duplicate objects in the game world.

It has been noted, Fractured Online kicked off its early access on September 15 and MMORPGs from indie studio Dynamight is getting mixed reactions on Steam. Beyond the technical problems encountered by certain players, we know that with regard to the mechanics of gameplay of Fractured (the formation of a community of players who will be able to found and make their own city prosper), the game supposes that one invests in it durably to reveal its full potential. Not all players seem ready for this investment.

While waiting to find out whether or not players will give Fractured (early access) a chance, the MMORPG is undergoing a first series of patches. The main fix concerns a feat : Some players have obviously found a way to duplicate items unduly. The process was nevertheless reported by a player and according to the developer, players who took advantage of it were sanctioned (banned). The gold generated by this malfunction has been removed, so as not to destabilize the economy in-game. The developer also announces the correction of several “critical bugs”, the details of which are available in the patch note.

For the record, Fractured is therefore currently playable in early access. The commercial launch is currently scheduled for “early 2023”, the time to deploy the third and last faction in the game universe (the demons).


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