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Eau de maison is a brand of ecological household products created in Montpellier by two brothers, Bruno and Eric Ibanez. On their site, they sell an aluminum bottle with sprayer and small sachets of natural powder. It is to be mixed with water. Several possibilities: glass cleaner, multi-purpose spray or even an anti-limestone.

Interview with Bruno Ibanez, one of the co-founders of Eau de Maison.

Ecological household products. That is, what are they made of?

I’m not going to give you the full composition of the three products. It would be a bit laborious. These are products that are derived from plants, natural products and are as effective as chemicals.

And to add to that, we put perfume that is 100% natural, plant extract. It is the same composition as a body perfume. But we transformed this liquid perfume into a solid to integrate it into our powder. So that we have a real pleasure in the interview.

You sell aluminum bottles in which water is added and the powder is added, which you sell in sachets. House water, the idea is also to ban single-use plastic bottles?

It’s exactly that. The idea is to tell oneself that there is a heresy. When you buy a standard detergent product, you buy a plastic bottle. Once the product is finished, we will throw it away to buy the exact same one. For us, this is nonsense.

The second nonsense is to say that we also buy water. In truth, 10% of the active formula is necessary and you pay 90% of water which is absolutely useless. We pass the checkout twice. If you want, we pass the first time when we pay for it because it has no use. And the second time it is called from an ecological point of view.

The first purchase at Eau de maison, it costs about 16 euros to have this aluminum bottle with sprayer and a dose of cleanser. Afterwards, do we stay in the same price range as classic cleaning products?

The idea is to amortize the first purchase. As for the price, we are products that are very high-end. But we wanted to be on the prices of ecological standards. So we took an average and the average was around 3.50 euros. We thought it was the right price for a super effective, natural and very high-end product with perfume.

Eau de maison is a brand created by two brothers. What’s the story behind with your brother?

We have known each other for a very long time. (laughs) Joking aside. In fact, my brother is an entrepreneur. Me, I’m more of a creative person, a bit of a dreamer, a bit crazy crazy. My dream was to create products that are useful, that are good for the health of the people who use them. From this duo came the product Eau de maison.

You talk about a social impact, I imagine also an environmental one. Was it important for you to create a brand of cleaning products that made sense to you?

It’s the DNA, even of Eau de maison. I created it following an illness I had, staphylococcus aureus. While cleaning my house, I realized that there was a problem with the detergents. In the shower, cleaning a plexiglass with a very well-known anti-limestone, I almost suffocated, I told myself that it was not possible.

It went from there.

And afterwards, the idea was to build the brand around two axes. An environmental axis where we reduce the carbon footprint, we reduce single-use plastic. And the second axis is to have a social impact. So we are also focusing on cleaning companies. They are provided with products that are half the cost of chemicals that are as effective as chemicals and that do not harm the health of their cleaners. And that is our fight.
Interview by Morgane Guiomard

Listen to Bruno Ibanez’s audio interview on France Bleu Hérault

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