France sets a target of 2%

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France has a “strategic objective of returning to 2% inflation”, declared Thursday morning the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, during an interview with BFM Business.

The tenant of Bercy recognized an increase in prices “unbearable for households as for businesses”.

“When the European Central Bank restricts its monetary policy, fiscal policy must also be more responsible,” he said, pleading for “perfect coordination between monetary policy and fiscal policy”.

The Minister also presented several measures intended to limit the impact of rising energy prices on businesses.

It ensures that companies which employ less than ten employees and make less than 2 million euros in turnover, will be able to benefit from the tariff shield which applies to individuals and which limits the increase in gas prices to 15%. like electricity in 2023.

Companies with up to 250 employees will, for their part, be offered a “specific device” allowing them to cover part of the cost of energy.

Finally, for large companies, a “window” will be set up to target only the brands that have a real need for help.

This aid is thus intended to limit the rise in prices directly impacted by that of energy and therefore production costs.

Wednesday evening, during a television interview, President Emmanuel Macron also addressed this thorny issue of inflation.

He rejected “the idea of ​​freezing prices, considering that such a measure “will disrupt everything” with “much greater consequences” but explained that he favored the idea of ​​“ensuring that this rise in oil prices energy is not passed on to industry” and to product prices.

It should be noted that in September 2022, France recorded inflation at 5.6% with sectors particularly affected such as energy which experienced an increase of 17.8% or even food which recorded inflation at 9, 9%.

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