from Paddington to James Bond, the queen of series and cinema

In The Crown, The Queen, A Royal Night Out… when the directors film the character of Queen Elizabeth II, what interests them the most is that behind this sacred function, there is a human being. From this flow two very different treatments of Elizabeth II, both of which seem to aim to desacralize her.

First of all, there are the films which show the person’s intimacy. She is shown in more or less biographical films like The Queen by Stephen Frears (2006), where the queen was played by Helen Mirren. We also remember the role of Claire Foy in The Crownseries broadcast on Netflix, or Sarah Gado in A Royal Night Out by Julian Jarrold (2015).

And then there are the movies and the people who make fun of that person. When Mister Bean meets the Queen in one of his sketches, she receives a headbutt. She fights with a “minion” the movie Minions by Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda (2015) or finds herself pinned to a table by Leslie Nielsen in Is there a cop to save the Queen by David Zucker (1988).

Of all these screen appearances, the most unexpected was made by Elizabeth II herself in 2012… There she met Daniel Craig, alias James Bond, in a film screened during the London Olympics Opening Ceremony.

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