FTTH: Canalbox of GVA-Togo singled out by ARCEP

The subsidiary of the Videndi Africa Group (GVA) in Togo is in the sights of the Electronic Communications Regulatory Authority. Until then champion of fiber to the home (FTTH), GVA through its Canalbox offer will have to respond to “serious and recurring breaches of unavailability of services”.

(Cio mag) – After the telecom operators, GVA-Togo becomes the first exclusively fiber internet access provider to be targeted by a sanction procedure from ARCEP-Togo. And for good reason, the group’s offers through Canalbox have been degraded for several weeks.

The regulators’ grievances point to irregularities, “in particular the multiplication of cases of unavailability of services and more particularly slow speeds down to below 1 Mbps instead of the speeds subscribed by consumers of 50 Mbps and of 200 Mbps”. To this, the regulatory authority adds the fact that the operator does not extend the period of validity of consumer subscriptions, in compensation for days of unavailability.

Canalbox, which nevertheless projected Togo into the countries with the best fiber in the sub-region with an affordable access shot now seems to be going through areas of turbulence. On the web, consumers have been denouncing for several weeks cuts or slowness hitherto never recorded on the ISP’s network.

“As a result, ARCEP has opened a sanction procedure against GVA Togo for non-compliance with the obligations of permanence, availability and continuity of services in accordance with Articles 17 and 27.3 of its specifications and also for failure to notification of incidents in violation of Decision No. 068/ARCEP/DG/21 of March 11, 2021 mentioned above,” reads a note from the regulator, a copy of which we have received.

In Togo, ARCEP has made regulation by data a standard in order to guarantee consumers standards of service from telecom operators, ISPs and other players in electronic communications.

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