full screen widgets are coming and it changes everything

The next big Windows 11 update will give pride of place to Widgets. The latest build dedicated to Insiders allows us to see what Microsoft has in store for us in this area. Now Widgets can take up the entire screen.

Widgets are all the rage. On smartphones, manufacturers compete in imagination to highlight them and make them useful. On PC, Microsoft (re)introduced them on Windows 10 before giving them pride of place on Windows 11. The next OS update will highlight them even more.

Indeed, Build 25201, dedicated to Insiders, allows to put full-screen Widgets. A way to have an overview of all useful information.

Windows 11 relies on Widgets

Widgets already exist on Windows 11 and this update allows you to extend the window via a small button. Microsoft specifies that this table remembers your preferences. It will remember what subjects you are fond of but also what size you want for this display.

More so, this update brings Improvements to the Game Pass Widget. This now allows you to see your account and what games are installed on your machine. All you have to do is click on the game in question to launch it. For our part, we regret that these Widgets are still confined to a special window. We would have liked animations that were better integrated into the desktop, but that may be for another time.

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To download this new Build, you must be registered to the Windows Insider Program. This is simply done through your operating system settings. Thus, it will be possible to test the new features implemented by Microsoft. But beware, many bugs may remain and feedback is appreciated.

For the general public, this novelty should land in the big 22H2 update. If all goes well, it will be available in the next few days or weeks. It will bring other interesting innovations, especially on the taskbar. Windows 11 should download this update automatically and it will install on a restart. The user therefore does not have to do much to benefit from it.

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