Future of Xbox: Phil Spencer discusses more consoles, games and partnerships | XboxOne

The Xbox brand celebrated its 20th anniversary last year and you have been able to consult many files on Xboxygen devoted to Xbox history. But what about the future? That’s the question Phil Spencer answered in a new interview.

New consoles and opportunities for the future of Xbox

Of course, the boss of Xbox is not authorized to discuss all the subjects on which he is working internally to make growth. But today he sums up what the future of Xbox will be like in an interview with Same Brain.

We’re just going to keep bringing great games to more people and giving them value and the choice to play where they want.

In the long term, we will put the package. We’re thinking about new devices, new styles of play, new partnerships, new first party things. We are also spending more time thinking about mobile and what mobile gamers would need.

The boss of Xbox has never hidden his desire to create new consoles and even announced it even before the release of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. He specifies today that the teams already have ideas of things to try with the next Xbox that will be released and that feedback from developers is extremely important in designing the future machine.

If some had doubts about Microsoft’s desire to break into gaming, this is once again proof that Xbox is here to stay. Without naming him, Phil Spencer also mentioned the Xbox Game Pass offer, which today is an excellent way to discover a large number of games for a low cost.

That said, I don’t want to make the situation depressing, but I am aware that the current economic situation is affecting our consumers in different ways. So we think it’s important that gaming not only remains a way to stay in touch when we’re apart from each other, but also an affordable way for people to be entertained.

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