Game Director Dean Ayala leaves Blizzard

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is still afloat, despite the many criticisms that we have seen appearing for many years. In effect, Blizzard’s latest card game expansion was released recently (August 2 to be precise) and Blizzard isn’t about to give up on its baby anytime soon. But this future, whether bright or not, will be without Dean Ayalanow the former Game Director ofHearthstone.

Dean Ayala leaves the ship

In effect, Dean Ayala announced his departure on his official Twitter account with a moving message and photo outside Blizzard California to mark the occasion:

“After 11 years, I am leaving Blizzard. Hearthstone is an amazing game. To have participated in a small part of the creation of the game is an honor that I will never forget. Thank you to all players, and a special thank you to my fellow game creators. I’m proud of what we’ve created together. »

For those who don’t know him, Dean Ayala started at Blizzard as Quality Control Manager for Diablo III, World of Warcraft, and especially Hearthstone. He fully joined the team ofHearthstone in 2014 as Game Designer, then Lead Designer of the game in 2016, to finally replace Ben Lee as Game Director ofHearthstone.

Dean Ayala was one of Blizzard’s figureheads and one of the last Blizzard employees to go public about his work at the company. As of now, no announcement has been made on his replacement., but it won’t be long. As for the future of Dean Ayala, the current description of his Twitter account is ” unemployed, tinged with a touch of humour. But knowing him, he will surely communicate about his professional future.

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