Gas and electricity prices: the energy shield extended in 2023 announces Gabriel Attal

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Faced with the significant and continuous rise in gas and electricity prices, the government plans to maintain the energy shield in 2023 in order to avoid an even sharper rise in the bill of the French.

The tariff shield which protects the French against historic increases in energy prices, electricity and gas in particular, was to end on December 31, 2022. But √Člisabeth Borne, at the end of August, had promised that the executive would cushion “the increases “energy prices after the end of the tariff shield, thanks to “specific provisions” for the “most fragile”.

Finally, this energy shield will be maintained in 2023 as announced on Saturday September 3 by Gabriel Attal, the Minister Delegate in charge of Public Accounts. Guest of the show “We don’t stop the eco” on France Interhe assures that the government “will maintain a shield system in 2023” to contain the rise in energy prices.

“Do not let the French bill and our public finances derail”

“I am in the process of preparing the budget and my state of mind is to say that neither the French bill nor our public finances must be derailed,” explained the minister, who recalled that the government’s priority remained to continue to protect the French and their purchasing power. Gabriel Attal clarified that in 2023, “if we did nothing, the electricity bill would increase on average by 100%. That makes 120 euros for the average French bill per month”.

Thanks to the energy shield, which has frozen the rise in regulated gas prices since last autumn and limited the rise in electricity prices to 4% this year (when it should have been 40%), inflation is in France weaker than in the other countries of the euro zone, recalled Bruno Le Maire on August 30.

The cost of this tariff shield on energy prices amounts to 24 billion euros since its deployment, the Ministry of Economy and Finance said Thursday evening.

More energy checks in 2023?

Gabriel Attal, however, did not specify at what level of increase energy prices would be blocked. “The arbitrations are in progress and must be rendered in the coming days”, simply replied the minister on France Inter. Asked again by The Parisian on the subject, Gabriel Attal judged possible that the prices of electricity only increase by 10 to 20%. “There will be an increase, but it won’t be 40% like in Germany,” he said.

Regarding energy vouchers, Gabriel Attal assured that the finance bill for 2023 would “provide budgetary appropriations which will allow, in the event of a significant increase, to support the most modest”.

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